Live Love Now


Strong Medicine For Turbulent Times.

Sobering, playful, inspiring, this book contains a series of short essays, filled with insights that illustrate how compassion and authenticity used in everyday life promote both personal growth and social transformation.

Personal growth and planetary transformation are inextricably linked, two sides of the same coin. The way we treat others and the way we treat our planet are reflections of the way we treat ourselves. When we are filled with fear and criticism, the world is a scary, unforgiving place. When we are filled with love and compassion, the world is an abundant, playful place.   One of the big questions is, how do we translate ideas and talk into practical action that connects rather than divides? How can we be authentically devoted to our own values and yet listen empathically amid discomfort?   Healing divisiveness and conflict is not for the squeamish. It asks us to look deeply into ourselves, into what we hold dear, and then to set aside blame and criticism, considering the deep values at the heart of our own inner turmoil and the motivations of those with whom we disagree.   This book, Radical Authenticity, provides a recipe for peace, freedom, and meaning. It invites us to step into a loving, compassionate, and abundant world.

Honoring Autonomy Through Self-Reliance And Integrity.

Cultivating Community Through Empathy And Compassion.

Live Love Now is dedicated to answering the call of our times and kindling hope even amid our cultural discord and technological eruption. Discover the security and confidence that can transform the heaviest darkness and evaporate it into abundant joy.

Loving Relationship E-Poster

What water is to a fish and air is to us, communication is to relationships.

Whether at home, work, or play, the way we communicate shapes the way we interact and determines the quality of our experience.

When we bring awareness to how we communicate, we empower ourselves to create the world we want to live in.

David’s Podcast Debut

David’s podcast debut has arrived. Interviewed by Michael Joseph Ferguson, podcast host, author of The Drummer And The Great Mountain, and founder of Founder of Alive Life Coaching, David discusses how to create greater compassion for ourselves and those around us, utilizing tools such as Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Listen directly or download podcast.

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